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Registration How To?

This list of "How To?" questions and answers explains how to modify your registration settings, set your owner etc. The rest of the Help & About pages explain concepts like Slave Registration Numbers and barcodes in detail.

How to get an SLRN?

You can get a Slave Registration Number (SLRN) on The Slave Register (TSR) using the "Register" button near the top of any page. You need to supply a password and email address, and we will send you a confirmation to activate your registration.

Numbers are all in the form 123-456-781, with 9 digits in 3 groups of 3.

Slaves and submissives should register themselves rather than be registered by their owner or dominant. Furthermore, the registration is associated with the slave or submissive rather than with the relationship, and they are entitled to retain control of the registration and possibly enter a future owner or dominant's detail if their situation changes.

How to get a certificate?

Everyone with a registration on The Slave Register (TSR) has a link to their certificate from their profile page on TSR.

So getting a certificate really means following the instructions for getting an SLRN.

How to view my profile page?

Everyone with a registration on The Slave Register (TSR) has a profile page with links to their certificate in various formats and the same information as shown on their certificate.

You can see your own profile page by logging in and following the link to your number in the top bar of any page.

How to modify your certificate?

You can modify your certificate details by going to your profile page and then using the "Change your details" button near the top. This brings up a form allowing you to declare your status as free, in service, owned etc; the date on which you became owned etc; your owner or dominant's name; and a link to a profile page on FetLife, Twitter etc.

How can I get a dispute resolved?

The procedure is set out on the Disputes and Recovery page.

Help, I forgot my password!

If you have lost control of your registration, then in most cases you can recover it using the "Reset Password" and "Get Reminder" buttons on the login page.

Our policy for dealing with other situations is set out on the Disputes and Recovery page.

How can I disable my Registration?

Once your number is issued, it cannot be deleted from the Register. However, if you follow the instructions for modifying your certificate, there's an option to disable your Registration. This hides the certificate and profile page, but can be reversed by just logging in again.

Why can't I use my name to login?

In 2005 the ability to create profiles with names rather than numbers was added to TSR. Profiles without registration numbers were removed on 24th February 2013 (as announced in August 2012.) This includes almost all owner/dominant profiles.

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