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Get a Slave Registration Number

The Slave Register stopped issuing numbers in July 2016. However, you can still become a registered slave and get your own unique number by following the steps on this page.

The box below shows a randomly chosen number which has not been issued by The Slave Register before July 2016 or by this page. You can use this number as your registration number, but you must write it down now. If you reload this page, the number will be different.

We recommend that you also create a new profile on FetLife using that number as your nickname; or change the nickname of your existing profile on FetLife to be that number. In either case, just use the number: nine digits and two hyphens. No extra characters.

Once you have your FetLife profile, check that you can find it by entering your Slave Registration Number into the form on the main page of TSR and using the "Find on FetLife" button.

Once you have a profile for your registration number, you can add your details, owner name, photographs of tattoos etc to it. People can find your registration profile either using the search form on the main page of TSR or at the top right of any page on FetLife. The main page of TSR also has a button for creating certificates as FetLife-friendly PNG images or printable PDF files.

We have a page with more about how TSR and FetLife profiles work together.